Types of Membership

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Student Membership

Student membership is open to high school, technical school, and college students who are enrolled in career and technical education programs. Each student must meet the qualifications set by the school. Qualified students receive a formal invitation by the local NTHS Chapter Advisor. The student membership fee is a one-time $25 fee. Chapters may also add local dues to cover an induction ceremony and any other expenses they incur.  NTHS Students may transfer their membership to another NTHS affiliate school, at no charge, based on meeting qualifying criteria at the new school, and NTHS Advisor's consent.

Discover NTHS membership and its benefits. 

Benefits include:

  • Membership Recognition
    • Certificate of Achievement
    • Official NTHS diploma seal
    • Membership pin and card
    • Graduation tassel
    • Window decal
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • ​for Employment, College or Scholarships.
  • Online Career Center Access
    • Resume tools and job connections.
  • Recruitment Opportunities
    • by top US Colleges and Corporations.

My NTHS Alumni Association 

Once a student member has graduated in good standing, they may immediately log in as a My NTHS Alumni Member. Alumni benefits include access to the Career Center, N-Sight Alumni e-news and other features.  Upgrade to the My NTHS Premium Alumni Association for $25/yr. to access additional benefits, including letters of recommendation and applying for the C. Allen Powell Scholarship, and the GEICO/NTHS scholarship, both specifically designated for members who join the My NTHS Premium Alumni Association. Learn more here!

Honorary Membership

Honor your community members! Each chapter has the ability to induct honorary members. Being supported by your community has a deeper meaning than you think. Jobs are created, business and industry grows, and a community’s quality of life is enhanced with every caring heart who supports CTE and the hundreds of careers that put life into our global cultures, from local neighborhoods to worldwide alliances. Recognize special members in your community and at your school who go above and beyond in support of career and technical education. NTHS Advisors must log in to register an Honorary Membership.

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