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Advisors are our strength who connect NTHS members to opportunities. Learn how to start and organize your chapter and order free tools to grow your chapter. NTHS advisors must log in to access all resources, information and forms.

Learn how to start a NTHS chapter.

Welcome! We are proud that you've made the decision to become a NTHS Advisor. Bringing scholarships and recognition to CTE students will be rewarding for both you and your members. We provide all the resources you need to successfully start your chapter and continue to grow your membership.

Your members are leaders. Allow students to grow while taking ownership in their NTHS chapter. Students enjoy being involved, so let them plan and execute your events. Members can continue to learn collaborative planning while earning recognition as school and community leaders.

Begin a NTHS Chapter - It's FREE!

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  1. Meet with your school administrator to start a NTHS Chapter. It is great to have support!
  2. Complete our simple online charter application.  Call 800.801.7090 with questions.
  3. Order a free Promotional Kit, including a sample membership and posters to promote NTHS in your school.
  4. Send invitations to prospective members.
  5. Register new student members online.
  6. Your school now has an active NTHS chapter.  Congratulations!

Grow your chapter.

A strong, healthy chapter means more members are eligible for scholarships, recognition, and lifetime opportunities.  Growth is essential to give every eligible CTE student a chance to be recognized, to win scholarships, and to see the value of a higher education.
Public Information immediately available below:                       

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NTHS School Brochure

Advisor Pocket Guide

Recommended Standards

NTHS Advisors: log in to access forms, brochures & info, including:

Instructor Nomination Forms
  • Invitations to Prospective Members
  • Congratulations Certificates
  • Ceremonial Induction Script and Ceremony Tips
  • Member Pledge