Establish a Chapter

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We’re ready to help you establish and grow a NTHS chapter! NTHS works with high schools, tech schools, and colleges that offer career and technical programs to honor students. Your network expands among thousands of fellow NTHS chapters, advisors, and members, and reinforces the CTSOs currently established in your school. Establishing a chapter is easy, rewarding, and FREE.

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Free and Simple.

1.  Meet with the head of your school and get approval.
2. Complete the charter application - No cost to your school.
3. Order Free NTHS Promotional Items and recruit members.

Membership Criteria

Membership in the Society and the local NTHS chapter shall be composed of persons who are enrolled in a focused career technical pathway.

The minimum GPA we accept is a 3.0. However, the national average that most schools use is 3.5-3.75. Many schools also consider credit hours completed, attendance, disciplinary records and CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organizations) membership.

NTHS Scholarships and Materials

Full time students inducted as NTHS members are eligible to apply for scholarships. The NTHS Jon H. Poteat Scholarship opens each September 1st and closes the following April 20th.  NTHS/CTSO scholarships are also available – Discover More Scholarship Opportunities

Membership Commemoration: For each member, advisors receive a beautifully designed commemorative set which includes:

    Membership Certificate and Presentation Folder

    White Graduation Tassel with NTHS drop and Diploma Seal

    ID Card, Pin and Window Decal


Online Member Benefits: Log In required

Print access for general letters of recommendation for their career portfolio. Members may request up to three customized letters of recommendation for employment, college admission, or scholarship committees.

The NTHS Online Career Center is a valuable resource, with access to many job search tools.