Advisor Help Desk

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Advisor Help.Graduation with the National Technical Honor Society

The role of a NTHS advisor is 1 2 3 simple 

  1. Identify qualifying students. 
  2. Invite them to an informal meeting. 
  3. Register them online.

For each member, advisors receive a beautiful package to honor each CTE student:   

  • Membership Certificate and Presentation Folder
  • White Graduation Tassel with NTHS drop and Diploma Seal
  • ID Card, Pin and Window Decal

Each NTHS member can access student benefits on our website using their ID card.  Members can build a strong portfolio by downloading three letters of recommendation while composing an impressive resume. In addition, members will have access to the Online Career Center and be eligible for a Jon H. Poteat Scholarship, which awards over $160,000 annually.

We encourage students to begin applying for scholarships as soon as they become members. If a student wins a scholarship, the Foundation will hold those monies for up to three years. Members have time to choose a specific field of study and decide which post-secondary school best fits their needs. No essays are required for the scholarship application.

No Stress.

We provide all the marketing literature, bylaws, forms, a checklist of topics to address in your first meeting, and the induction script. We are here to help you every step of the way!

If you are an existing NTHS advisor and would like to gain access to additional forms and resources, please log in using your
ID/username and password. If you do not know your ID or password, click on Forgot Password. Some of the forms available

Suggested Guidelines and Qualifying Criteria NTHS Bylaws

  • Tips for a strong, healthy Chapter
  • Join Us image.jpgInformational Newsletters
  • Instructor Nomination Forms
  • Invitations/Congratulations Certificates
  • Ceremonial Induction Script
  • Member Pledge