Awards of Excellence

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NTHS is committed to the recognition of excellence in every arena of career and technical education – student achievement, community service, outstanding chapters, and contributions from business, industry, and educational professionals. NTHS encourages involvement by its members and their chapters outside the classroom.
Below are the guidelines for both the Silver Star of Excellence and Outstanding Chapter Awards:

Silver Star Tabs

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The focus of this national award is to recognize NTHS chapters that maintain an active chapter based upon the seven core attributes; skill, scholarship, honesty, service, responsibility, citizenship and leadership. This award will be presented to any NTHS Chapter that achieves a score of 120 points or more out of a possible 140 points.  Only one entry per chapter will be considered.  Entry Forms must be postmarked on or before May 15. Scoring will be based on supporting evidence and written documentation that the school is meeting the objective for each of the seven core values described below.

Your school’s presentation should include:

  • Table of Contents
  • Completed entry form
  • Letter of endorsement from your school’s Chief Executive Officer
  • Documentation for each of the seven core values arranged in separate sections

Skill and Scholarship - maximum 20 points

How does your NTHS Chapter help raise scholastic standards at your institution, increase public awareness and build a positive image for your school?

Activities designed to promote skill development, scholarship, and educational excellence in your school and community should involve NTHS members, faculty, and staff. The program should create greater opportunities for student recognition and increased community awareness. Both student and honorary NTHS membership should figure prominently into your school’s honors and recognition program and public relations initiatives.

Honesty - maximum of 20 points

How are your members able to interact with and learn from local business leaders?

Activities designed to encourage workplace honesty among your students should be driven by leaders of local business and industry. Programs should bring business professionals and NTHS members face-to-face so that students can learn the importance of this value to their success and career.

Service - maximum of 20 points

How are your members involved in community service learning?

Service initiatives should center on programs for the greater good of the community. Members should learn more about community needs, develop plans to address these needs, make decisions, and carry out successful programs that make a positive impact and a visible difference in the community.

Responsibility - maximum of 20 points

How do your NTHS members learn to handle responsibility?

Activities should create opportunities for members to gain experience and assume responsibility at school and the community.

Citizenship - maximum of 20 points

How do your members exercise their citizenship rights and responsibilities?

NTHS members are citizens and should be given opportunities to demonstrate pride in their community and nation. Promoting citizenship is their responsibility as members of the Society.

Leadership - maximum of 20 points

What opportunities are provided to help members learn leadership?

Leadership programs should create opportunity for the development of leadership skills for members and chapter officers. 

Growth and Development - maximum of 20 points

What does your chapter have in place for growth and development?

Healthy NTHS Chapters are energetic and growing. Active chapters also seek ways to promote educational excellence, serve school and community, and increase both student and honorary membership. Active chapters also help establish and support new NTHS Chapters at other schools and colleges.


Silver Star of Excellence Outstanding Chapter Award Entry Form